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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
I love to teach God's Word, pray with people and write. 
Soon, we are hoping our Jesus opens amazing doors to walk into mission endeavors.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Living the Dream

I have probably one of the most 'spiritual' face book home pages around. My friends post scriptural banners, quotes, prayer requests & praises . I usually get a great up-lift reading my face book.
Recently, it seemed many were writing about 'Dreams'.
One really jumped out; basically they were challenging the thought (I believe fact) dreams are every day; what we are experiencing today, which is our family, friends, experiences,work, ministry and prayer times.
I have always been a dreamer since I was a little girl. When I was little I loved the Walton's-needless to  say my dream then (get this now): was to be a writer, movie star, have 7 kids and live in a big house in the country. Uh huh...yup; unrealistic; but I sure loved the Walton's.
Then, when I turned 12 yrs. old at church camp the Lord called me into the Mission Field. When I turned 14 yrs. old, the Lord gave me a heart for India; and was blessed with the opportunity of going there as well.
When I married, I was always restless (does this sound familiar to someone); longing to achieve my 'DREAMS'- and feeling like the biggest failure because I never did.
Then God makes this 'wake-up-call' using life shooting by like a falling star; telling me; "Daneille, LOOK, look at your life you have  dedicated to Me!" 

No, I do not have a big fancy house.  No way do I see a size 3 body, or expensive clothes on this outer shell. So far we haven't  made it to the foreign field (though one day we do long to minister at different levels). Yet, we have made it to the mission field; pastoring in areas that a lot of pastors would not go to. We have been blessed to touch people's lives that in turn have touched 'droves' of others. Thus in all of this; making a true impact on the Kingdom of God.
But, still...that is not the knock on the head, or the wake up call that truly spoke deeply to me. It was the fact that because of the life we have lived; with God's grace, we have happy, God loving children.
You see, no matter what I could do and maybe one day will acquire or do in my life; this means more to me than ANYTHING ELSE (even a so called dream).
My son who is 20, loves God and people. He has had some ups and downs; but I see a young man that loves us and his Lord. You must know, he is the funniest kid along with his siblings. He is constantly doing things that make us laugh. For example; he just got a job at an IGA deli. He found out that customers get free samples. So, on his break he walked to the other side of the deli and proceeded to have a sample of everything they served. That night he paid a high price for it too.
Totally being silly...note their same facial expressions! 
My two girls are full of so much life. They are both servants; serving both my husband and I all the time. They are the true examples of godliness and
servanthood at church. ["Do not let anyone look down on you
Trying to be silly...Feesh can't keep a strait face.
because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, life love, in faith and  in purity." I Tim. 4:12] My other comedian-Tabby, who is my youngest went to the auto parts store with her daddy the other day;  she later told her sister she didn't like going there. When her sister asked why, she said "Because it smells like rubber boots." I have watched all my children help others and expect nothing in return, give financially when no one was looking and pray for others at the alter with a true passion and burden. The other day I was praying with my daughter Felecia, where  she led the prayer. I was deeply touched as she prayed with a broken heart before her King as she interceded for others.
I may not have much in the eyes of this world or even in the eyes of the 'American' Christian Church [i.e. research the book Radical by D. Platt]; but God has enriched my life with a godly husband who is a true humble servant. He never boasts on his special skills, or his knowledge. I have watched him when other pastors come along in a braggadocios tone, telling him all they know and how he needs to do this or that. Yet,  this wise man just quietly nods his head. That man has grace!
Dreams; oh sure I still have some:...I do want to do more ministry related to foreign missions, more for the poor as well. I dream my children and their families will be as happy as ours has been. I dream of bringing as many souls to Christ as  God Wills me to.
So, yea; I guess I am living the dream. Note, The Dream.....My Dream is HIS DREAM!
NOTE THIS: In God's Word about dreams there were for revelations and directions. For His Glory and to bring many to Him.
Scriptures on Dreams:
Job 33:14-18 
Jeremiah 33:3 
Daniel 1:17 
John 16:24
Joel 2:28
Acts 2:17
Matthew 7:7


  1. We all want the dream..but somehow never obtain it...I too went to bible college with the intentions of being on the foreign field....never made it..because my plans were not God's plans for me..altho I am sure I touch lives everyday.....just not way I thought I would....Lisa

  2. You are truly blessed with a family who loves you, and who all love God! Thankyou for your testimony.

    1. and you my friend...blessed with you in my life

  3. Joel 2:28 Speaks of dreams given by God .How awesome to live out God's dream . It is a true blessing to live that out with you !

    1. And you too my love, my hero, my partner in this great Dream called Life!


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