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Is It A Sin When We Don't Trust Certain People?

Daneille Gray Snowden copyright(c)2021  Is It A Sin When We Don't Trust Certain People?    The bow string has tensed tight as it's strings are pulled back and releases the piercing arrow that enters the heart, wounding deeply. Sometimes this happens in slow motion and sometimes it seems to come out of no where: quickly! For the arrow to pierce the target it has to be somewhat close, definitely in eye's view. When a person hurts us, or the most part it is from those who are close to us in some fashion. They may be a family member, a close friend and even a co-worker. It could be in the confines of church, family, a friend, and at our places of employment.  The levels of hurt can depend on who and the confines we are in. When it's a spouse, parent and a child; it definitely is a deep hurt, simply because truly- family is the dearest & closest relationship for most people. Then there the hurts from our church (Christian) brothers and sisters; (of which I could write a
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DEALING WITH CHRONIC PAIN- Why are we afraid to say how we're really doing?

  DEALING WITH CHRONIC PAIN 'Why are we afraid to say how we're really doing?'   by Daneille Gray Snowden and a guest author Sheila Hester Recently my daughter; Felecia Snowden shared a 'raw-post' on her pain and how she typically responds. In January 2022, it will be three years that she has suffered day in and out with no break with continuous head pain. At times it increases where she suffers even more. So many suffer with a chronic pain; be it physically and even emotionally. I might add, financially too. My main focus here is physical, but this can be applied to all types. Why is it hard for us all to bluntly say, "No, I am not doing good!' Of course, it depends on our personalities and backgrounds. Yet, may I be direct here: 'Just-say-it!' Take that first step, it will land on first; the heart of God, then hearts who will pray and care, then... unfortunately, ones that become like that black dot on white paper. Personally, I can be encourage

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Our Promise Land Is Full of Oppositions

  Daneille Gray Snowden(c)2021 2021 Our Promise Land Is Full of Oppositions   Have you been given a call, some call them dreams; where God has called you to a place, a people group, or an occupation? Sometimes, we obey this call immediately or we wrestle with it for awhile.  But, when we do say, "yes!" That call (or dream) in truth becomes our 'Promise Land!' It is a place of purpose, and when we find that purpose, we shall be fulfilled and happy: Right?  Ponder on that answer for a bit as I go on. Usually before the promise land, we go through a place of training. In that training, God builds endurance and teaches us so much, in that, we gain wisdom, plus discernment. In the Old Testament, the Israelites walked through 40 years of what is called the Wilderness. In this region of the Middle East, this here is a harsh terrain, a dessert, hills and valleys. There is sometimes no water or food supply, and in addition there are a combatant of enemies in this journey. They

Humility In Leadership

 New Post in Hope For The Generations - a website to encourage pastors, missionaries and leaders serving God.  CLICK HIGHLIGHT LINK Humility In Leadership Humility In Leadership

Identify The Enemy

  Daneille Gray Snowden copyright(c) 2021 Before we go forward to FIGHT OUR BATTLES; we must identify our enemy! The draconian spirit has been on the rise on many fronts. It’s defined as a law giver by a draco which is a dragon. Who is this? SATAN!!!! 1 Peter 5:8 says he seeks to devour the believer! Then in Ephesians 6:11 it speaks of his schemes. Ask for forgiveness as I have too! As I have heard myself say, “Lord I see the devil’s schemes seem to be bigger than You!” Forgive me! 1 John 4:4 says; “Greater is He (Jesus) that is within me than he (satan-draconian spirit) that is within the world!” And rejoice as God has given us authority to stomp all over satan and his schemes (m_______s)! Rom. 16:20 Rev. 16:20 “The GOD OF PEACE will SOON crush satan; He will crush him underneath your feet!” Go forward children of God! Fight this battle in the power Jesus has given! Amen?!!!! ~Daneille

The Secret of Success

Daneille Gray Snowden copyright(c) 2021  “There can be no failure with Me (Jesus). The secret of success then is Life with Me.” My biggest fear is to fail God. I am almost always feeling I am not doing enough. There are so many people who need Jesus, encouraged and discipled. I rub shoulders with mountain movers, then there is little ole me! Yet, Jesus says this! As we strive daily to pray, seek Him, delve in His Word & reach out His Love to all He leads us to- and NOT STOP; then we haven’t failed Him! What a comfort and an encouragement to keep on! Hallelujah! —— “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savior of his knowledge by us in every place.” 2 Corinthians 2:14