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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My girl friend Vicky and I were gazing at our little tree the other night. We were chatting back and forth about our trees. I said, "I know it's nothin fancy,  just special ornaments from years that have gone by." Vicky agreed and replied; "Ours too, it's a simple Family Tree."
A family tree, wow! Rooted in the soil of God's Love bearing fruit for all to see and even to  partake what God made us for. That is to replenish, strengthen and help grow even other 'trees' for the Kingdom.
In this case, I am thinking of our personal Christmas tree. There is not one simple color or theme,  just a bunch of special ornaments that have a unique meaning to each member in our family.
This cute little angel on the star was mine while I was in college. My husband and I have placed it on top of our tree for 22 years. It is worn, but now has grown to be cherished in our hearts. Causing to reflect on many Christmases through out the years.
When we went ornament shopping with our children back when Tabby (our baby) was just 4 months old, we just fell in love with these little boots for her.

How about these cute baby bottles all hung so dainty; this is now 19 years old. Our son Nathan's first ornament. You can be assured he still makes sure it gets hung 'just right'.
My 12 year old daughter loves butterflies and so this year she picked out a lovely, sparkly ornament that glistens on our tree.
And I cannot forget our chocolate lab now can I? This is Hershey's!
So many memories, every Christmas holds certain events, individuals, emotions and spiritual revelations all in our hearts chambers. My first Christmas without my mother was also my first Christmas with my son and with a new mother, new sister & new brother. Pretty eventful to say the least!
We travelled for several years during the Christmas Holiday season, for we pastored in Texas...but couldn't be away from parents. I just loved the warm feeling climbing out of the car with our bundles into a warm cheerfully decorated home.
The family tree was lit deep in all our hearts!
Christmas two years ago stands out as well. The recession hit our home pretty hard. My husband looked everywhere for work and there was nothing. Though for many years we didn't really do gifts much at all, we had started making them for each other. This year was one the kids were elated about. They had drawn up their plans in what they were making for each member of the family. They went to work and was having fun! They also rolled up their sleeves and we all got busy making cookies for our neighbors (like we had for many years-with a card noting God's Love for them). They made beautiful home made ornaments for the tree as well. Adding to the memories for the years to come. That Christmas people came to our house, the UPS truck would come several times, the mail man would drive up our drive bringing gifts upon gifts for our children. There was no room to place them under the tree. Our children saw and felt the Love of our Lord as His love poured through the hearts of His children to us.
The family tree, so many memories...that laid a hold of our hearts for a lifetime.
When my children unpack the tree and open up the boxes of ornaments their eyes light up and their heart bubbles out with joy and excitement; recalling the special Christmases gone by. Thank God for that! Thank God we have that 'un-fancy' tree! What a blessing for the Family He has given to have this treasure for eternity!
Tabitha Carin-my 8 year old ornament on my tree.
Felecia Mary my 12 yr. old ornament on my tree.
My angels! (yea on my tree)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Nathan my 19 yr. old ornament, on my tree!

Merry Christmas and may you have the most glorious Christmas of all...placing more special ornaments on your family tree as well!

Love, The Snowdens -Brad, Daneille, Nathan, Felecia & Tabitha

My Family in 2014
 Felecia 16 (in Nov.'14) She plays
the piano and helps in Sunday Worship Service
at our church.
 Tabitha 12 (her Western Theme Party)

Nathan 23 (in Nov. '14)
Who now lives in Bartlesville, OK. Had
volunteered as a Voice of the Martyrs Volunteer.
Now, preparing to become a policeman and settling down
Time flies by so very fast.

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  1. Love this post, Daneille! A peek into your living room, your family tree, and your Christmas memories. I really like the end where you showed pix of the kids and said they were ornaments on your tree. So true. And, so many memories still to come...


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