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Friday, February 18, 2011

Excerpts from: RADICAL Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

Excerpts from:
 Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream
Book by David Platt
Reviewed by Daneille Snowden
I have been slowly reading a book by David Platt that has inspired me-back to the vision my husband and I once had. I really want to encourage you to pick up this book either through Amazon or a local book store, hey maybe even the library.
Here are some quotes that made my eyebrows raise, as a minister-sarcastically chuckle and really get my heart back where it needs to be.
P. 49 Points out the American Dream Mentality: " doesn't require the power of God to draw a crowd in our culture." "First we need good performance." -entertainment driven
To hold the crowds that will come: " a multimillion dollar facility to house the performance." :...once the crowds get there, we need to ... start programs..."
p. 99 R &R= Receivers or Reproducers? Which one are we?
p. 108  Stats on Poverty= "Today more than a billion people in the world live and die in desperate poverty." "...survive on less than a dollar a day. Close to two billion others live on less than two dollars per day. Nearly half the world struggling today to find food, water, and shelter..."
"More than 26 thousand children today will breath their last breath due to starvation or a preventable disease."
p. 109  Jesus says Woes for those who ignore the poor as well as Proverbs and the prophets.
p. 115  "In the time we gather for worship on a Sunday morning, almost a thousand children elsewhere die because they have no food."
p.126  I Timothy 6:6 "Godliness with contentment is great gain."  "...contentment is described as having food and clothing, having the necessities of life provided for." "...with v.9 and those who desire to be rich and acquire more than the necessities of life are in danger of being plunged into ruin and destruction."
p. 130 "I can't do everything, so I won't do anything," "is strait from hell."

There are great illustrations, a wonderful one from the life of Muller. Platt is a young pastor of one of the largest churches in the U.S. I love his candidness, his passion for the lost and poor. We need to get our feathers ruffled and then get up and do something about the plight of this lost and dying world-heading for eternity in hell.
Can I get a witness?


  1. I have a little booklet from this book - I think its probably the first chapter or somewhere in there. Its really good. Haven't gotten the entire book yet, but I'm sure its a worthy read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Danielle thank you for posting this. Earlier this week I heard some statistics that came out about how Christian churches are declining while the Muslim faith is continuing to grow and how cults like Jehovah Witness and Mormonism are growing as well. I cry as I think about this. The hurting and dying world we live in needs the Gospel not some lie or counterfeit. It occurs to me that world is not being won for Christ because the body of Christ is not winning it. We have often just become too comfortable-- that is dangerous. I will stop here because I have a post or two of some sort mulling in my head over this as well as an article. So, I will stop. Good post that fits right along with my thoughts and convictions this week.


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