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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
I love to teach God's Word, pray with people and write. 
Soon, we are hoping our Jesus opens amazing doors to walk into mission endeavors.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's late but I find I am not able to lay my head down w/o spending time with God that usually ends up with writing.
Tabitha, my youngest and I have been reading about Job this past week. I read the last chapter when Job truly received an amazing revelation of Who God really is and 42:2 says; " I know that You can do all things, and that no thought or purpose of Yours can be restrained or thwarted." 
Man, I am so humbled to read this. We all are planned of God or frankly we wouldn't be here! (How's that for a revelation?) Ya know, if we are truly honest with ourselves we all have those moments. Those moments where ya just wander what is my purpose? Or how about the last word of that verse-'thwarted' (changed)...God's Plans don't change. We try to change His Plans...that may be why we get so confused and despondent. I live by what God told Isaiah to say in 55:8 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord".
Let me ask you; "Have you ever felt like God had a specific PLAN for your life?" I have, wow...maybe sometime I will share the call I felt the Lord placed upon my heart.
I know God has called me to minister to the hurting, the sick and the lonely. I know He has placed in my heart the longing to help guide people in their walk with Him. It seems like situations arise, crises come, and distractions that appear to me as if His purpose is being thwarted. Hindsight now tells me that His Plan were in the 'situations' 'crises' and yes some of the 'distractions'! Who I was in them, for others and what came out of it; was what He had planned.[of course this isn't the case all the time]
Many years ago I felt a passionate call into the mission field. My heart is still tender toward this. Yet, as I look out into the fields here in the Midwest of Newton, IL; I surely do see a mission field. Only God knows.
Tell me-what do you feel your passionate call is? HIS PURPOSE & PLAN for your life?
I would love for you to share this with me.
I will add this note: My first purpose (and call) is to be that 'help-meet' I was made to be for my dear Bradley.  2nd--To teach my children in every way...I truly believe it is my call to teach them God's Word, His Ways- as well as to teach them life skills.


  1. Great post Daneille! I always felt my first calling was to be a wife and second to be a mother also! After that, I'm a little fuzzy, but I figure God will show me when He needs me. Love ya!

  2. My purpose for living, I truly believe, is the exact same as it is for all of us - to live for and glorify God in any and ALL circumstances - to be a light shining in the darkness. I am here because HE wants me to be here, to serve Him. I desire to serve Him to the best of my ability - as a wife, a mother, a friend.


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