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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home School Convention: Adding to our Biblical World View

Question; what is it that drives you; thrusts you into decisions and then actions?  What affects your emotions? This sure is something that we all must ponder? Whatever the answer may be the result is your definition what your personal World View is.
Did you like your answers? If not then maybe it's time to get before your Lord, open His Word and ask Him what He desires for your life resulting in a true Biblical World View.
"A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world." [Del Tackett]
A vision my husband and I have that we are feeling a major 'drive' towards is developing a strong Biblical World View into our own children.
Let me tell you about one major world view we know the Lord has led us into. It is home schooling our children.  "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Prov. 22:6
Deuteronomy 6 is also our fall back as we go about living this life style in being the ones who are teaching our children. Verses 6-9; "These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. 7Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. 9Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates."

Cincinnati, OH
An opportunity arose for us to once again instill this vision and directive from God into our blessed children's hearts, this was the Cincinnati Home School Convention hosted by The Great Home School Convention; March 31-April 2. Droves of workshops were presented to us and what seemed like hundreds of vendors. Most presenting the vision God laid on our hearts many years ago that we have tried to live out before our precious kids.
I know I was walking on clouds! My head was spinning, my heart was pounding and my mouth wouldn't stop chattering. As I would talk with different workshop speakers tears would fill my eyes. I didn't feel alone, as well as the Lord revealing to my heart that "yes" we are doing the right thing and we are indeed walking on the right path!
Though there were many speakers conveying the vision God had given them, we of course were limited to just a few that was possible for us to attend. We did, "divide and conquer!"
John Stonestreet  & Sean McDowell
My son enjoyed:   John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries listened to him speak on: Amused to Death: Dealing with Entertainment Culture.
"This seminar exposed the worldviews at work in entertainment today, but it faces seriously questions such as:  'Where do we draw the line?' 'Should a Christian listen to “secular” music?' 'What is a Christian band?'  'What is going on in popular culture?'
Nathan listened  to  Sean McDowel with World View Ministries.

Jim Weiss

Nathan's favorite is Jim Weiss. He has been reading G.A. Henty books as long as he can remember. We have purchased Jim's fun filled story c.d.'s for him through out the years. Nathan's love for history only mounted up more as he listened to Jim share about history of the ages.  Jim is with Great Hall Productions that has award winning story telling productions for children.

As Brad and I were listening to Ted Tripp (Shepherding a Child’s Heart.); Felecia went to hear:  PATTI GARIBAY Empowering Girls along with Character Development. This only enriched the teachings of purity and courtship we so believe in.
Tedd Tripp
When someone begins home schooling or just shows a true desire to raise their children in a godly fashion; the number one book I suggest is Tedd Tripp's book I just referenced. It is life changing, opens your eyes to God's Word on how to love, nurture and yes TRAIN your child with a godly, Christ-like spirit. The session we attended was focused on this exactly. 


David Gibbs

My husband Brad just devoured all what attorney David Gibbs shared. An Insider’s Account of the Terri Schaivo tragedy, and what it means for us all./Parental Rights Amendment – IS IT NECESSARY? IS IT  DANGEROUS? Brad came bouncing out of his sessions with fire and zeal on what he learned.

My tired self & Sandi Queen
   Queen Home School curriculum is one of my favorite suppliers. Sandi Queen has written several books and curricula using the Charlotte Mason method. I have used her language arts, copy work and lovely little books on womanhood and courtship. She is a true sweet spirited lady that began writing her own curriculum just for her own children, then the Lord expanded this to bless us all! Thanks Sandi and I so enjoyed talking with you again.


Diana Waring

My favorite history teacher/history workshop speaker (and I use some of her curriculum) is Diana Waring. What a sharp lady and boy can she ever say an enormous amount of info in such a short period of time. Our entire family enjoyed her and could listen to her all day! We have her cd's that we take in our van and just love hearing her share about so so much about history.   Check out her new online journal: .  

Uncle Josh with Tabitha (on left) Felecia (on right)
When Felecia was just beginning  school we attended the Evansville, IN home school convention where we were just innocently scooting along the vendor hall where this very bold gentleman started up a conversation with my girl. We spent less than 10 minutes with Josh Wiggers (we all call him Uncle Josh) where he taught her all the continents and their locations. Of course we purchased some curriculum and through out the years bought more. For almost 8 years we have used Geography Matters as our daily geography curricula. The kids have LOVED it and I am tellin ya folks-they have learned so much! His wife Cindy is the author of their geography lessons; the one we use is: Trail Guide to World Geography.

Doug Phillips Vision Forum

As a family we all enjoyed Doug Phillips. I would have to say he is an icon in home schooling with his company Vision Forum. Doug first taught us on:
Providence and Perseverance: God's Message of History to Our Children/The Family Table
Both was enjoyable, would have to say that the Family Table convicted me-what I needed. With the busyness of life...I have seen the Family Table slowly fade out of our lives. Schedules can be an enemy to the family for sure!  

Amanda Bennett (Unit Study Queen)

Amanda Bennett; as I wrote a few month back when I wrote about Unit Studies I call the Queen of Unit Studies. She laughed, yet had to agree with me when we had the opportunity to chat a bit at her booth. A snap shot was taken but didn't work (never take an unfamiliar camera with you to important places). I did attend a workshop of hers, it was encouraging to listen and meet such a fine and talented lady.

Shelley Noonan with my girls Tabitha (left) Felecia (right)
Ok, I am saving MY FAVORITE for last. Pumpkin Seed Press-Shelley Noonan. I attended two of her workshops, bought the books...and loved chatting with her as well. My girls we overjoyed talking with Shelley and listening to her speak. Shelley spoke on:  Welcome to Womanhood! For mom's only, I was very educated and now ready to apply what new aspects I have learned. (smile) She also spoke to us on: 
Mentoring your Daughter. So many mom's have left mentoring all together or somehow expect the church, other educators and perhaps our girls friends to mentor our daughters. Oh what a rich blessing it is to be used of God for this High calling. Pumpkin Seed Press is at Shelley also has a sweet, helpful blog for mom's and their daughters called B'Twixted & B'Tween. She teaches puritywith beautiful girlhood aspects. There is so much more.

Snowden's lovin on 'Big Boy'!

We have been eating vegan 8 months...but we do have our 'blow-out' sessions. Well, we did when we saw Big Boys. Our family never gets the chance to eat at these unless we are travelling. So, hey we felt we needed to celebrate so yahoo! It was GOOD!

My 19 yr. old son said he wanted to attend more of these conventions this year. Thank God!
So, here we go-God has added more to our Biblical World View by supplying us yet another tool to live for Him!


  1. This was an awesome time and we had a great time just hangin out together. I love you so much. Your most adoring fan.

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Maybe someday we'll make it to one of those conferences, too. Thanks for sharing!


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