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Friday, December 16, 2011

Be It Unto Me According To Your Word


"And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her." Luke 1:38

When I ponder on that moment when the angel Gabriel visited this young woman (to me a child)--my heart cannot fathom how her little soul must have felt and how her mind must have swirled.  Here she is, obviously a good kid; hard working and sweet natured that it made a great impression on Joseph's father to pay her dowry. Chapter 1 of Luke reveals to us a bit of her lovely character. She had found favor with God! So much so, she was chosen to be conceived by the Holy Ghost...and be one with perfection-Jesus Christ Himself. She was chosen to carry out God's Promises by laying her life down and allowing God to have His perfect plan unfold within her life-LITERALLY! 

Please recall that in this culture; as Mary was 'espoused' (engaged), this meant she was to have absolutely NO sexual intercourse until she and Joseph were actually married. [The Biblical mandate no sexual intimacy until marriage is still God's Word -FOR TODAY as well.] If a woman became pregnant she would be labelled a harlot, her family would be shamed as well as her fiance'. It was quite severe then, if this were to happen. Yet, God chose Mary to carry out her part of this amazing, prophetical plan. 

Sometimes, when we do our best to live out our lives serving God. Trying to be a blessing to all of those around us...out of nowhere-we here God leading us. His voice is quite clear, but then we get quite nervous when we hear out what He is calling us to do. It usually isn't easy, most of the time it is 'out-of-the-comfort-zone'! We know we may face some resistance or be ridiculed (even from other Christians).  What do we do?

Mary was nervous at first, well she was afraid: v.34 "Then Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I do not know a man?” This wasn't a response of rebellion,  just a smart kid who knew the difficulties that definitely lay ahead. Yet, as Gabriel continued to tell her how God was going to overshadow her and she would carry the Christ-the Son of God/as well as her elderly cousin who was with child as well; Mary's heart welled up with so much faith. 

"Behold the handmaid of the Lord!" She made herself a bond slave to her God. This is one who's will is swallowed up in an others. This type of slave is one that has only the Will of her Master in mind, following her Master even to death. Total surrender!  Revealing her inmost being that it is no longer her life, no longer being concerned with her pride (or status)...just  pleasing the King of Kings! Thank God for this precious WOMAN. I say woman; for no longer can anyone imagine a child now as we saw in the beginning of this portion of scripture. I can just see her, as she pushes her shoulders back, throws out her arms strait up with a huge smile and wide eyed saying; "HERE I AM GOD...I am Yours!"   

Is that our response? Knowing what may be ahead? You see, in this Word we learn about a young woman who LOVED God. She was truly in the Presence of God at this moment, as He sent His messenger angel to speak with her. Where are we? Are we so busy running here and there we cannot even hear God when He is calling out? Are we constantly filling our minds and spirits with social media in all types and forms, that the Word of God is muted? He is calling out His children but many are not hearing Him.

Mary wasn't finished was she! After she made herself the Hand maide (a bond servant); she continued her declaration- "...Let it be to me according to your word.” Have Thine Own Way Lord, remember that song? This is what Mary was saying to God...what ever You chose for my life, I will obey You all the Way. If she didn't... then what? Well, she would have missed out (for I know God always completes His plans regardless).  Mary obeyed, eventually so did Joseph. Though the times were quite difficult for them both-through their amazing lives; the entire world knows of the One and Only Savior for their souls. 

Now, it's our turn isn't it. For the end has not yet come. But, God has prophesied there will be many in the last days that will arise with a great anointing to preach the truth. As well many who will be persecuted, put in prison and suffer. But, our lives are not ours...we must be bond slaves as well; and say to the Lord as He is calling us out; "...Be it unto me, according to Your Word."

                           song:  Be It Unto Me  


  1. Very good, Daneille. Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Awesome if we could only say this about everything that is before us.


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