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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
I love to teach God's Word, pray with people and write. 
Soon, we are hoping our Jesus opens amazing doors to walk into mission endeavors.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shadow of Death

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.... ." Yea! Or is it YAAAA! Absolutely not is it? We never choose to go through the darkest times of our lives. Yet, they come: we all will face trials such as loneliness, financial hardship, physical ailments and death. Yet, look a bit closer at Ps. 23:4: first of all he says he is WALKING, not rolling! That's good! Then he says he is walking THROUGH---not over or around or hey, even under. Nope; it's right on through. There is no mention of a choice in the matter that David was facing either. Wouldn't that be cool? Just tell the Lord; "Naw, don't think I will do this one Lord...I think I will just chill over here by the pool side and wade it all out!" Now, look at the next three words; "SHADOW of death." Remember I Corinthians 15:55: "O death, where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory?"  It's just a shadow, can shadows come out and grab us? Can they take our souls and cast them into an eternity of true darkness? No way! 
We will walk through! How is that possible? The thing is, we feel like we are walking alone through the darkness of the night. The author wrote; He will not be afraid simply because he is completely aware GOD IS WITH HIM! 
 David knew God was still there and he poetically used allegorical symbolism of a shepherd accompanied with his Rod and Staff. Another words, not a powder puff and a chocolate bar! A Rod and a Staff is most definitely not what we would choose? Presently, my choice has been the Mediterranean; yet the Shepherd of my soul bids me otherwise.  The Rod was used for branding/marking the Shepherd's sheep, distinguishing them from all others. So, when we are marked-we see Him...we and other's know WE ARE HIS! The Rod was also used to separate us from other sheep. We are chosen to walk THROUGH eerie  shadows, yet; as we do, our loving Lord raises His staff of Love, yanking us out of eminent danger! 
Where are you right now? Have you walked through the shadow? Are you anticipating a shadow soon? Are you, as I am right now--walking through the midst of it? My strength is My Lord's and not mine. As I am facing true dark nights...I know He is with me. He is with you too. It's ok to stop and just cry...the Lord says He hears our cries; II Sam. 22:7: "In my distress, I called upon the Lord; and cried to my God: and He did hear my voice out of His Temple [IN HIS PRESENCE] , 
I love that old song: It Will Be Worth It All! It will, the souls we touch in this valley; the saints that see Jesus in us as the shadow of death is cast on us. It's worth it! We will get through this Valley and when we do; oh what a glorious day that will be!   
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  1. Love this blog Daneille it is so encouraging!! I am praying for u as you are going through ur valley God is going to bring your family out victorious on the other side Praise God!!! Pray for me as fear overcomes me at times....thank u!!! God Bless u abundantly!! Thank u for being such a wonderful blessing to me & so many others!!! Lori

    1. Father, I lift up Lori! Draw her closer and closer to You. Cause her to not only hear Your heart beat but feel it as it says Lori I love You. Take the fears all away and fill her with peace and power. We give You all the praise. ~Amen

  2. Good post. God is using you through this valley you are in. YOU belong to Him, and others CAN see it! Thankyou for being such a good example and testimony of how our Lord leads us through the difficult times.

  3. I also wanted to thank you for being a faithful example of what it means to walk with Jesus. Each time you speak, you speak of His faithfulness, His nearness and His sufficiency! Thank you for encouraging us as you walk! God, please continue to bless this family as they go deep with you through this season in their lives. Thank you for being faithful to them, Lord! Hugs to you, Daneille!

  4. Amen!! Is it not wonderful how that no matter how dark that valley may become , Jesus is always there to guide us through ?!

    1. Amen Roy! Always ....always there. Sometimes we get our eyes so fixated on us...we must be FIXED on Him.


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