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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This is from my Mom's Praying for the Generations blog, to important not to share it here. 

By Daneille Gray Snowden
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Recently the Lord has burdened me for Bodies of Christ in my own community who are deeply hurting as they are being torn apart. Groups are getting up and moving on to a larger church in town or starting their own little meetings scattered all around. This is such a common problem that has existed for decades. We all find ourselves not even flinching when this occurs. Kinda like marital divorce between husband and wife; our cultural has become somewhat callused to it. Yet, it is not God's plan for either one. I have counselled several lately from other bodies that are weeping over this painful brokenness that has occurred. I personally know the pain a pastor feels as this is going on. The pain is so intense, many times this is what is causing a lot of illnesses in pastors.[Please read: Depressed, Stressed and Burned Out by A. Hart] No matter the process of division, a sheer of grotesqueness to just sipping silently away; it's still a breaking off of the Body and leaves great dysfunction for a very long time. This commonly last for years and some churches never can recover. I love what author Karen B. Mains said in her book, The Key To A Loving Heart: "If only the Body of Christ would cease it's declarations of war, ... and it's bloodying of the bretheren-then use the Spiritual Gifts God has given instead." [Gifts of healing, hospitality, serving: Having the Mind of Christ.] I say; "The world would be won!"
  We read Operation World's Daily Prayer Journal as a family. As we read all about  a country's spiritual and physical needs, the  common prayer request is; "Pray for the division of the church." 
  My entire life I have lived in the pastorate, here in the great United States of America. The Lord has allowed us to live in various parts of the U.S.;  as well, the common need of prayer is division in the church of Jesus Christ, in the denominations and of course the individual Body of Believers. 
  We call this disunity. In Jn. 15 Christ said we are the vine and He is the Branch; all flowing from Him as one, to achieve growing fruit to fill the world with the Gospel.  As well as in John 17:20-23; stressing v.21 "That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me." We are quitting one another! We get bored, some want more control and much becomes fabricated that no one knows what is going on (we call this confusion); so people find others to share this discomfort with (to make them feel better about their negative ideologies); then the breaking apart begins. This begins way before individuals have actually removed themselves from worshiping with their church. Bit by bit the enemy will use any weakness each one has and then gnaw on them. This is where we need to exercise praying through in the mornings and evenings. Lack of prayer and lots of it is rampant in the Body of Christ. Remember that old quote; "A family that prays together, stays together." This is vital, a little 3 minute prayer is not healthy. Nor is it healthy for mom's, dad's and their children! It starts here, praying through together.   If there is just one inkling of discontent with the church, the pastor, Sunday school and even the color of the carpet...pray about this! Seek the face of God; then go to your LEADERS and pray with them with a loving, humble spirit and pray together. Let's not have those prayer meetings where there is more talking about the problem than praying about it either. That is a sickening tactic that has destroyed not only churches but individual's walk with Christ!   Don't be quick to leave, ask God to show you how you can pray and serve the Body He has placed you in, to make it even better to be the scriptural arm of ministry Christ created it to be. Too many times church is thought about what it can do for 'ME'; but it is about serving one another. We are a Body! We need each other! We must have a spirit (from God alone) of forgiveness; even right at the moment of hurt, insult and injury. From Karen Mains again; "Forgiveness releases us from keeping count, from the insistence to even scores." [P.165 The Key To A Loving Heart] 
  With that; let's pray for the Body of Christ! Here's a challenge for you; go early to church and if you are able go to the alter and start praying for the services, your leadership and community. I promise you, your heart will be softened to the blessed Holy Spirit as He is anointing the worship and the message through God's Word. Other's may be challenged as well and follow suite, praying with you. Who knows, this could even start an amazing revival all across the land!

In Him for You, 

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