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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HOPE Comes From Where?

HOPE Comes From Where?
 Be patient with me as I start out this unique post with a couple formulas. I am a home school teacher and have one student in College Algebra and an other in High School Algebra (though I am not a math fan) I wanted to present this powerful passage in this format. It really brings out the clarity of the amazing path to hope.

From: Romans 5:1-5

V.3-   Pressure
       + Hardship
          Fortitude  (endurance)
V.4-  Fortitude causes the spiritual muscles to develop. 
         Thus, maturity comes. This is known as approved faith & tried integrity
         This then results in JOYFUL & CONFIDENT HOPE!
V.5-  This HOPE =
                     NEVER:  1.- disappoints  2.- deludes   3.- shames us
Thus the first part of verse 3 (in the amplified): 
"Moreover [let us also be full of joy now!] let us exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings,..." 
I was a teenager here. Love my
 plaid suite!
As I grew up, my family was serving God in the pastoral ministry. As I reminisce of the memories of those precious years, I know now more than ever how 'richly blessed' I was in that life. My parents loved God, this showed greatly in their marriage, as parents and shepherds to the 'flock' God had them care for. They served God's people faithfully and with great sacrifice at times. Mother's health started digressing really when I was a young child, but not until I was 12 did they really know what was wrong with her. Mother was a bubbly, intelligent woman. She was the administrator, the children's church teacher, the adult Sunday School teacher, the prayer warrior, woman's ministry leader and the list goes on. When she became ill it changed our lives and the life of our church. When you are a kid, really you don't think about trials to make you grow stronger. Life is quite simple. But, simplicity quickly faded and the ; pressure, afflictions & hardships began. I clung closer to my father and tried to be strong for mommy. As I did, I felt the  strength and hope coming out of my daddy. Of course now, I know he spent many sleepless nights praying and crying...and then moving forward BEING what God created him to be. He didn't loose hope because of the; pressures, afflictions & hardships. What I saw was endurance (great fortitude). Because my parents grounded us in God's Word, this is where I then turned; I knew even as a youngin that fortitude was needed if I was going to continue living for Christ. I wanted to be there for my family and be a help even in our ministry.
  I watched both of my parents though now they were suffering physically, emotionally and now financially they kept 'reaching-out' to anyone the Lord brought in their paths. Even mother, she prayed through with several nurses and doctors in the hospital. Dad led others to the Lord in the waiting rooms.  
My parents were always thought of as 'giants' in the faith. Why? Because the pressure, afflictions & hardships  that birthed fortitude developed their faith to a debth in God. I then lived in a home that always had HOPE! David Wilkerson implied; that hope is about living. 

When we loose hope we don't live. When we stop reaching out to others in the midst of our personal tragedies and hurts, we stop living. We endure the pressures, afflictions and hardships with God carrying us through, not we ourselves. This does come with much prayer and knowledge of God's Word. 

When I was a teenager many of my peers would constantly come to me with their problems. They would tell me that I was "Strong beyond my years." But, they didn't know I felt weak and tired; yet I loved to reach out God's Strong and Gentle Hand and speak His Loving Words to see many healed in whatever way He so choose. 
About a 5 yr. old pic.

I must admit, my husband and I have been in the pastorate now for 21 years. It's not been an easy road what-so-ever. Yet, the lives that were touched is priceless. Souls saved, people healed physically, emotionally, maritally and on. We have been blessed to be used by Him to usher out God's Call on people's lives into the ministry. 

The past several years I have got tired. Maybe lost focus. Attacks got bigger on our lives from loosing our home to my husband being seriously ill (present), and living one day at a time not knowing where income will come. [But, God has paid every bill and met all our the ravens.]    
I still saw myself loosing hope, thus loosing life. I didn't seem to be able to reach out like I use to, even to my own family. This is a tactic of the devil himself. If he can rob of us all of anything, it will be our HOPE!
May I just encourage you to; Seek the Face of Jesus! Routinely, study His Word. Also, do this with your family as well. There is a new Hope that will arise as it has for me. With God all things are possible. Know this and be assured; that the trials of our faith benefit many riches. 

Now, if you have a need; I would love to pray with you. If you are uncomfortable leaving it in the comment form; find us on face book and message me. I want to be there for you in whatever way I can. 

My Hope


  1. Beautifully said. So wonderful to see God working in and through you as you go through so many hardships. Remaining focused on the Lord should always be our goal. We sometimes do grow weary, but HOPE can always be found in Him who loves us.

    1. Vickie; I know you can write a book on this...thank God for your life!

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