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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness To My Readers

It was the results from my MG SCREENING (Mammogram). IT WAS NORMAL! I give my God all the praise for this. 

My mammographer told me; after the age of 40 they like to see ladies get a screening on a yearly basis. Ouch...I had not done that. I was over due 5 yrs. from my last one. I am one that gets a bit squeamy when I try to examine myself. Yet, mind over matter is far more important than to miss a lump only to discover it too late. 

    Many of my readers are woman, hey most of my friends are woman! Go figure! So...I want to put out a 'holler' to all of you--get your MG Screenings! Do your breast exams weekly...if not monthly. There are so many that love you and need you. 

   I want to direct you to an author, and one of my dear friends who this past year detected a lump only to discover that she too had indeed breast cancer. Her name is Victoria, who is mother of 2, married and has served the Lord faithfully for many years. Please join her as she takes you on her Cancer Journey only for many to be encouraged and see that WITH JESUS- there is strength for every step taken. 

MY CANCER JOURNEY by Victoria Stankus

    Did you know that around 39,620 woman are projected to die in the year 2013? {According to the American Cancer Society.} It is the second leading cause of death in woman. 

   Good news there are 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S! 

Types of breast cancer range from:
 1.) Hormone Sensitive Breast cancer: Fueled by estrogen & progesterone. About 2 out of 3 are hormone sensitive. 
2.) HER2 Positive Breast Cancer: High protein receptors (HER2 +). 20% cancer patients have this. 

Stages of Breast Cancer: {How big the tumor is and the extent of it spreading.} 4 Stages from Normal to Invasive. 

SURVIVAL!   Depends on how early the cancer is discovered.
  "According to the American Cancer Society, 100% of women with Stage 1 breast cancer live at least five years, compared to women without cancer -- and many women in this group remain cancer-free for good. The more advanced the cancer, the lower this figure becomes."

Types of Breast Cancer Surgeries
Lumpectomy : Take out the area around the lump & lump itself. 
Mastectomy : Removing the entire breasts.

Radiation Therapy: High energy rays to kill the cancer cells; with side affects fatigue, swelling & sunburn feeling. 
Chemotherapy: Often IV drugs to kill cancer cells; (sometimes by pills & shots) 
Hormone Therapytreatment for women with ER-positive or PR-positive breast cancer.

  So, please my friend first 'tune-in' to Vickie's blog and second: Do your weekly/monthly self exams then thirdly go in for a MG Screening! Your life is worth it!

  Know this: With God...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
{Matt. 19:26}

Hormone-Sensitive Breast Cancer


  1. Thankyou so much for sharing. Awareness is important for early detection, and early detection is essential for survival.

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