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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Morning Song

Morning Song

"Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives." Ps. 90:14

   Music, is God's gift to reach the heart of all people. Putting sweet sounds to 'heart-felt' words brings everything we know and feel to life. Every day seems to have a song; some days are fun filled days where we feel giddy and silly. Some are serious, hard-working days where the song is right to the point. Irregardless, this heart for music and singing poetic words to it comes from our great Composer and Author of life - our God. 

  I know the Word of God says that He spoke the world into existence; I wonder when He made us if maybe He was singing a sweet tune as well. After all, we were created to worship. Isaiah 43:21 "The people I formed for Myself, that they may set forth My praise [and they shall do it]."  On a little silly/side note, I wonder what tune God sang when he made you and myself. Oh, I think I could see the smile on His face with a chuckle too. 
 I was reading a book by one of my favorite authors (Karen Mains); she attributed to a book while writing a chapter on singing unto the Lord. She pulled this quote from the novel; Romona. Describing a custom from a devoted Mexican family. 

"...As the first ray reached the window, he would throw the casement wide 
open, and standing there with bared head, strike up the melody of the sun-
rise hymn...At the first dawn of light the oldest member of the family
arose, and began singing some hymn familiar to the household. It  was 
the duty of each person hearing it to immediately rise, or at least sit up
in bed, and join in singing, and the joyous sounds pouring out of the house
were like the music of the birds in the fields at dawn. The hymns were usually
invocations...and the melodies were sweet and simple."

 Every morning as the referenced scripture above says; I want to pull back the curtains of my life and gaze up into the SON and sing a lovely HYMN OF PRAISE to Him- always to the end of my life. I believe this would reformat our minds and emotions thus lightening our spirits giving great strength and joy to achieve all God has planned for us. 

  Bless you today, may His Song fill your soul abundantly! With you showing forth the praises of Him, Who indeed has called us all out of darkness into a glorious light!

Psalm 33:3 "Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully [on the strings] with a loud and joyful sound." 

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