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Friday, April 26, 2013


By Sharing Your Heart
by Daneille Gray Snowden

   When I lived in Texas for a few years, I had the opportunity to sit and watch a few cattle auctions. It was there that I concentrated on how small men would maneuver their HUGE longhorns into the arena. In their hand they held a cow prod. With a little zap the 2500 lb cow was instantly inspired to move with a little "mooo" and walked where led. Quite impressive!  

  As a wife I know there have been more than countless times I have used my prod (my tongue, and batting eye lashes) to try to maneuver my husband in places I wanted. The initial thought is absolutely wrong and I can testify at least in the beginning unintentional  But, the reasons behind this vigor lays deeper. They were things such as 'being on the same page', sharing deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams and the list could continue forever that were my reasons for the prod. 

  Husbands, if it is your desire to avoid being prodded here are some heart felt, truly Spirit led applications to help you see and understand your wife. 

  Share your heart, some men say they do. But, try to avoid the surface emotions or current events. Such as..."nice day today isn't it dear?" Many claim the surface emotions is it...and that counts as sharing their entire heart with their wives. Of course, we appreciate most communication. But, our hearts long to be unified with our lover. 

  Wives long for their husbands inner most thoughts and emotions as well as their hopes, hurts, fears and dreams. Not only share once a year even once a month but as often as you can. Keep this fresh, being yourselves in the Presence of our God; as He shares with you His vision, His hopes and even His grievances. Then go to your wife; share with her, plan with her and pray with her. Daily, weekly...just keep it fresh. Freshness in the food we eat makes it edible doesn't it! Same with our hearts and sharing with one another. 

  If the wife winds up being the main 'team-member' doing all or the majority of the sharing of the heart; after awhile her heart will sadly SHUT-DOWN and in some cases turn away and to someone or something else she can absorb herself with. Right before this happens, husbands you will see a lot of anger that is stemmed from frustrations and hurt. Which will then bring exhaustion emotionally; causing the wife to just 'give-up'. 

  In the beginning God created a unit for a great purpose; with the husband and wife generations of families had been created. With the power of a husband & wife team; families can rise and be witnesses of God's Love- used in His gifts. There wouldn't be a waste of years, but as the family grows physically together the Kingdom of God is enhanced! 

  Husbands, please turn from the lies of this culture that we all have lived in for centuries (where men do not share their dreams & passions with their families). What may be more difficult is changing and thus turning from how your own father's habit of a non communicative relationship with his wife (and family). 

  A challenge; open your heart (allow God's Hand to tenderly help you), be willing to step out of the dark and dreary box. Reach out to your wife. Share  -  Pray  -  Attain Visions: Together!

  Then, HOLD-ON, cause God is going to take you onto the greatest highway of life that will have pit stops to great supply, ministry touching lives, thus seeing God's Promises unfold! 

 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Gen. 2:24.)

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