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Thursday, May 2, 2013


    By Daneille Gray Snowden 

The one Step to Happiness & Fortitude is to not be enveloped with continuous thoughts of 'self'. We will have more fortitude which will produce satisfaction: When our life and thoughts are filled with serving our God and others. [PERIOD]

  There is a freedom with this perception; to 'push through' the pain because people need us. Because God called us to a great and marvelous work.

  The more our mind dwells on past struggles & hurts, on present physical pain as well as the disappointments that lure; the human frame wears down.

  But, as we look back on the lives of amazing people who persevered through adverse circumstances and continued to serve with every part of their beings they are the inspiration and fine example to us all.

  People such as Susanna Wesley; who with 19 children (9 passed away)- kept her home, took personal time with each child per week to instill love, the scriptures and any character lesson needed. Her husband who was a minister had a difficult time with handling funds and was in debtors prison a few times. As well as the couple had some very strong political difference that led Samuel (Susanna's husband) to leave her for awhile.  This left Susanna with having to support her entire family; and that she did. As many know, she raised several fine children; 2 of which were used to lay a solid foundation for the body of Christ (Charles & John Wesley). She was extremely intelligent and home educated her children, especially in areas of theology. Yet, this was a time when woman were not welcomed to teach or minister outside the home. Through all her exhaustion, physical wear and tare and even sorrow; she kept the mark of the high calling in front of her.

  Times have digressed greatly; when our country was young when it was witnessed how men, woman and children worked to the bone. Today, it's rare to see an entire family work brutally hard and then even though they are exhausted; see a friend, neighbor, plus a family member who needs help and get right to work to bless them. In addition, in our own churches, help serving God by serving one another in His Work. All with a 'selfless' heart and serving spirit.  
"A [self-confident] fool has no
 delight in understanding
 but only in revealing his
 personal opinions 
and himself."
Prov. 18:2

  I totally believe that as Joyce Meyer wrote; there is a battlefield in our minds. This is one major battle that we as Christians need to get a handle on. Yes, we are tired! Yes, we are in pain! Yes, we need help in multiple ways! Yet, to dwell on it will and does KILL! The constant dwelling on 'ME' will kill our spirits, in turn we become numb as we do not feel much emotionally: especially when others are suffering! It can KILL when our own generation (our children) our raised without receiving unselfish love, and know what it is to be served and cherished. No! Our children are learning to be selfish cause mommy and daddy are. Serve mom & dad! Serve your children, serve others (which is a 'hands-on-lesson' for the kids on how to love others).
[The author is feeling this toe stomping too!]

  When the church began in the book of Acts; the example of course was that of Christ. He also gave direction and birthed His Love so strong that sacrificial giving was a 'give-me'; no one had to say we are going to have a fundraiser. People sold their possessions and gave so as the Body was the same. [Acts 2:45] Note; these folks were beginning to face major persecution, and still under the Roman rule. Yet, they had a MISSION didn't they? The fortitude to fulfill this call and purpose in their lives.

  I totally believe with all my heart this is a powerful, yet simple tactic of the enemy. He just gets people wore down both physically and emotionally. The energy begins to leave; frustrations set in, which accompanies anger and then destruction of relationships in families, churches, and friendships. We become ill, tired and hurting and there is no one seemingly there that will listen and offer help to just simply be an encourager. Eventually, as in 'warp-speed' (because no one seems to care) the response is: "I am not going to waste what little strength I do have on anyone! I am just too tired and sick; it's all about me, me, me."  End result; we will then become USELESS!

  I don't want this for my family and I. Goodness, I absolutely do not want this for the Body of Christ! So, here is a challenge or EXERCISE; When the whining, complaining, and spouting out in anger begins to happen train your mind to think on:
1- JESUS (& His Word)  ["Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and All His Righteousness..."]
2- Others (especially those that are in your path. ["Love The Brotherhood. 1 Pet. 2:17]
3- Start To Serve Them: Jesus & Others in anyway possible. [Just use Spirit led wisdom on when, how & who.]
4- Keep Your Mouth Shut when the topic of ME ME ME starts bellowing out.
5- Listen To Others (w/o cutting in).
6- Keep Busy (Even if it's praying, calling, sending a card-text-email.)

  Now please hear me, we all need a friend and spouse to be able to open up our hearts to...that is vital. Also, we need a time to rest and have fun. Let's do this wisely. It's when the majority of our thoughts are filled with ourselves; draining the life blood right out of us, we must be refreshed daily. This is done by blessing Jesus as we spend time with Him and lend a hand of love out to a soul in our paths.

Philippians 2:4 Let each of you esteem and look upon and be concerned for not [merely] his own interests, but also each for the interests of others.

Matthew 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

The following day God confirmed this message in my personal devotional : God Calling
Kill Self Now
Self dethroned - that is the lesson, but in its place put Love for Me, knowledge of Me.
Self, not only dethroned, but dead. A dead self is not an imprisoned self.  An imprisoned self is more potent to harm. In all training - (in Mine of you, and in yours of others) - let self die.
But for each blow to the life of self you must at the same time embrace and hold fast the new Life, Life with Me.
It is not a dead self that men have to fear, but a thwarted, captive, imprisoned self.  That self is infinitely more self-centered than the self allowed full play.  But to you, My children, I teach a higher science-law than even freedom of the self.  I teach death to the self.  No repressions, just death.  Petty self-life exchanged for Divine Life
And now I can make more clear to you what I would say about forgiveness of injuries.  
But what you do not see is that you, the self in you, can never forgive injuries.  The very thought of them means self in the foreground, then the injury, instead of appearing less, appears greater. It is one of My commands that as you seek My forgiveness, so you must forgive.
No, My children, as all true Love is of God and is God, so all true forgiveness is of God and is God. The self cannot forgive. Kill self.
Cease trying to forgive those who fretted or wronged you.  It is a mistake to think about it.  Aim at killing the self now - in your daily life, and then, and not until then, you will find there is nothing that even remembers injury, because the only one injured, the self, is dead.
As long as it recurs to your mind you deceive yourself if you think it forgiven.
Many deceive themselves in this.
Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might
 be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.  Romans 6:6


UP-DATE (May 10) - Heard this message that was preached about the same time I wrote this. I just love how the Holy Spirit bears witness of His message all over the world.
The Happiest Church In The World. Pastor Carter Conlon of Time Square Church in New York City. [Just click on the link.]


  1. "Let's forget about ourselves, concentrate on Him and worship."

  2. I am glad that we can follow Christ to the very end and crucify our flesh. I will love the day when none of it is spent on ourselves but on the kingdom of God.


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