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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


DATING YOUR SPOUSE               
My husband Brad and I went on what we called a date today. Well, we both was an effort date
that flopped. But, the effort was the fact. We got away in the afternoon, driving thirty minutes to our destination. As we drove- the agenda was set; we eat, then he drops me off at Wal Mart, he gets new tires put on our van, then finally, we drive home. What's funny this was 'ok' for both of us. The effort and the special one on one time, was there. Also, we know that one day soon, we will have another date and work a bit harder on the romantic part soon. [Smile]

This did cause me to dwell a bit on dating our spouses. I was thinking back though the years on our little dates we had before kids; wow there were several and fancy. We painted the town red! Then the offspring came; slowing down the dating scene to a rarity. Anyone ever been there? If we did get away we would be a bit nervous being separated from our babies.

I want to encourage all couples to start dating your spouse REGULARLY; at the least monthly, better yet: bi-weekly!
- Husbands, ask your Bride out on a date? Be creative on how you do this. Woman love creativity, effort and romance. You do will be rewarded! 
- Wives on occasion, surprise your man at lunch with a picnic. Men tend to like their woman's cooking; try kicking the kids out of the house and make him an amazing meal.
- So what if ya don't have the $Doe...creativity makes the date all the more fun and romantic. 
       *Go to a park.  *Drive out in the country...parking is fun too!  *Share a milkshake, and just laugh.   *I had friends who watched movies in their van.  *Your own home/bedroom -- nice music and a candle lit table.   *Make a campfire and roast marshmallows (in your backyard) and just cuddle up. 

It's not easy to spend this extra time with your husband or wife. Yet, no matter what; it should be a priority.
Spontaneity is fun, and planning can make it special. Like a well kept rose bush, a marriage needs cultivated and dating is an essential tool to help make it blossom.

 “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:24)

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  1. I wished I had the opportunity to go back with this info to try to make it more interesting. WE COULD HAVE HIT THE PARTS STORE TOO.


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