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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


copyright(c)2015 Daneille Gray Snowden

I giggle as I write this, for my New Zealand friends call their mothers: Mum and I know other countries do as well. So, yes; I agree, we all should love our moms/mums!
But, this is a very short little heart felt blog about one of my favorite flowering plants; Fall Mums! They speak FALL with all their luscious colors, don't they!
When my children were wee little, we lived by Amish country, where our home school group scheduled every year to visit a mum farm. Now, these mums were HUGE! I remember my first time, I just stood and stared for about 5 minutes as I felt greatly overwhelmed. But, with my excited emotions taking over my feet, quickly I got a shovel and began digging up my sweet flowers.
When I got home, we planted them in my front yard along my walking path; and faithfully they popped up every year. I believe because of the amazing Amish farmers skills, we were able to attain the best quality of fall mums one could buy; i.e. - why they came up every year. That is not suppose to be the case. In order for that to happen, mums should be planted in the spring and gently cultivated.
So, again this year my husband brought home a pot of yellow mums to add to our fall décor outside.
This year, I decided to repot them so they would grow and become hardy (and last longer).
  When we all purchase our mums from a store (not a farm like I use to); we find the poor things are 'root-bound'. The roots have no place to go, plus in my case here there is very little soil. Many folks just keep their precious plants in these disposable pots and find their plants only last a few weeks. Please, let me encourage you to RE-POT asap! Just get a pot that is a little bigger than the one it is currently in, add good healthy soil, loosen the roots and place them in. Voilà! Ya got a healthy mum that will keep you happy for several weeks to come!
Now make sure your mum gets at least 4 hours of sun each day. The brighter the color, the more sun it needs. Hey, we can take that to a personal application couldn't we? We want to not only shine bright, but be colorful and well pleasing -- then we must spend more time in the presence of the Son (of God) and feast in the soil of His Word.
Remember to water, at least 1x a week. Not over abundance, but decent. And when a bloom has died; just snip it off so more can bloom. It saves energy and causes the nutrients to reproduce and flow into more blooms.
So, this year I am going to bring my mum in after the frost. To do this, I must put it in a cool (32 - 50 degrees F), very dark place so it can hibernate. Keep the roots most (by checking on them weekly with a bit of watering). Then, I will slowly acclimate the plant back into the outdoors in the Spring (making sure there is no more freezing weather).

Like I told you earlier, I was able to winterize my mums from the Amish country. To do this means
continuous care through out the fall, spring, and summer. It can be done! Use the Old Farmer's Almanac for guidance on when and where to plant. They are awesome to give you great information about this.     
Probably like me, you LOVE the Fall and embrace the colors, crisp mornings, changing leaves, and the yummy food delights it all brings. I sure hope ya all enjoy this season together as a family first. Create memories that will be treasured in your children and grandchildren's hearts for life. Make a scarecrow together, create fallish décor all around. Go to an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch; I treasure those days that were filled with laughter and fun.

Today, we are going to put up our yearly scarecrow family, with the hay bails, pumpkins and mums. Then, make a new craft together as well.
Send me a comment here and on facebook of your pretty mums and fall décor! Take care and C YA ON THE NET!

2011 - note we were remodeling. :)

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