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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
I love to teach God's Word, pray with people and write. 
Soon, we are hoping our Jesus opens amazing doors to walk into mission endeavors.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


copyright (c) Daneille Gray Snowden 2016

My dear father is 85 years young. A true man of God, pastor, minister, and great leader.
We are leaving (hopefully April 2017) to live in Mozambique, Africa to not return for at the least for- 4 years. This is my tribute to him- I want to honor my father publicly and hopefully show other men how a true man of God is to parent his children.

Author, Daneille Gray Snowden with
her father -Rev. Paul F. Gray
Father’s Day 2016

Dear Dad;

I have found myself drilling in my mind; what do you tell your father all you want; knowing that possibly this MIGHT be one of last Father’s Day for him and me.  

Well, I don’t have time to write a book; yet I could, (quite possibly a novel).

Why me, why of the entire woman on this earth did God give me one of the godliest, loving man there is; to be my father? [Brad (my husband) being the other.] I am sure not worthy, but it helped to make me who I am.

Author Daneille Gray Snowden, her brother
Paul F. Gray with their Pastor Father -
Rev. Paul F. Gray
I know that as a human, you may only see your flaws. But, we your family only see how truly blessed we are. My husband has a father that approves of him in you, he has someone that has taught, counselled and affirmed him. Because of that, he is able to move steadfastly toward God’s anointing as a Pastor, Missionary, and father. Thank you for loving Brad as you have…I embrace this with such gratitude.

I see a lot of characteristics of you in Nathan (my son); his sense of humor, goofiness, his cowboy movies and artistic (+ music) abilities. He is very gentle of heart and so generous too. You filled him with so much and GLORY to God we do see this!

My daughters; oh how they adore their Grandpa Gray; they giggle when you and Grandma bicker…and you tease her. They love your easy going and funny ways. They sit super close to you I believe because your love draws them in. They feel affirmed and well, safe when they are with you. Being accepted and edified is a lost art & ‘help’ and yet, our daughters are blessed to feast on it when they are with you. Thank you for pouring into them ‘JESUS’ & His Word. Thank you for teaching them about art too. It’s a passion for Felecia for sure, and you have just helped to ignite it more so.

Dad, all you have done for me…(as my eyes well up with tears); you have LOVED ME…with unfailing love! Not just with your words, but with your actions, your reactions, with your listen ear & heart, with your intercessory prayers and the with the heart of a godly warrior: you have fought for me. I have been blessed; not spoiled – (spoiled is a rottening…making useless) – I have been INCREASED because of your walk with Your Lord, thus it  transpired down to fathering your children.   I think it makes me ‘different’; a bit more secure – my shoulders are held high and my face is forward –because of the training I did receive. You didn’t hide the ugliness that does exist all around; but you taught me about it and how I should be.

Grandpa with his oldest grandchild (who is 25 yrs. this
year). He's asking; "Am I having fun yet?" He was!

You taught me the value of diligent hard work, but for it not to take the place of stealing away valuable time with family. [There is a balance.]

You taught me how a woman should be loved and revered by a husband; as you did mom and do Karen. You honored her, you cherished her, and you never allowed anyone to speak bad about her. You protected her; you were her best friend and valued her in front of all. Mom and Karen, I know feel (& felt) safe and well respected by you. Ya know what; I found that too in my husband as well. It helped me to know what I needed for a husband, by how you were with my mother. Thank you by the way!

Dad with my youngest (Tabitha 14) dad
is 85 yrs. old.

Dad with my oldest daughter Felecia (18 yrs. old
this year).

Dad, in the past several years; I have called you countless times needing someone to allow me to say what was on my heart without being condemned (or judged). We all need people like this in our lives; and you have always been both Brad and my ‘go-to’ for this. You listen, you perceive what is deep in our hearts and then you patiently bestow great wisdom into our souls.

I look back too, and cherish deeply my daddy’s sermons. Did ya know I sat in the pew beaming with pride as you ministered? I sure did, and your messages even when I was iddy biddy captured my heart and mind; I LOVED to listen to you preach and couldn’t wait to run to the alter. You were able (I suppose because you are an artist) to preach messages filled with illustration (accompanied with droves of the Word) that exploded in my spirit.

My father performed our wedding. 1988

Dad, the prayers…praying with me at bedtime especially (after reading from the Bible); wow- do you know how that comforted and fed me? I went to sleep feeling safe and spiritually fed.

You have been my example, my mentor (and to my family as well). Even during these past several years, when in the world’s eyes it seems you have been placed back on the shelf as younger ministers continue doing the work of God; you are being used greatly! First, all you poured into my life & your son’s life has been passed on into our families. All the souls you pastored have gone on and passed God into their lives. Churches have grown and multiplied: It still is going forward! And then, you are there in prayer and encouragement during our most difficult times. Dad; I PRAISE GOD FOR THIS! I know you intercede now; you reach out to us and even your grandchildren. You are so vital to God’s Work!

Lastly, I want to promise you dad, that I will ‘go forward’ – and preach the Gospel with my life. [To my dying day!] I promise to love all with unconditional love, I promise to live out with HIS JOY (as you have). I promise to valiantly declare that: ‘ALL IS WELL!’  I will pass on the attributes that are of the Kingdom of God (that poured from you to me by the Holy Spirit) into my children and grandchildren and to all I minister to.

I thank you dad for all you have done and are doing for me and my family…our family.
Toon by my dad; Rev. Paul Frank Gray

Genesis 22:18 – “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.”



Daneille Le Anna

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