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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
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Friday, June 24, 2016


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Daneille Gray Snowden
I write this to only inspire others who basically feel there is no hope in trying to loose weight.
That is a LIE! God is One True Amazing God, that when we lay our burdens in His Hands...He will be faithful to complete it!!!
Phil. 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:"

Like many woman with hormonal imbalances...GALORE, and health issues that were strange (due to chronic lymes) battle to loose weight was a loosing one.

I am grateful to my husband who loved me in spite of how bad I believed I looked. He proved the Love God places in a marriage founded on the Rock: Christ Jesus, runs far deeper than the physical.

I am a 5'0 petite woman, when weight started piling on; it turned me from an hour glass to a ball shape.

I found when driving, I struggled breathing for I had to be folded up, cutting off my diaphragm.

Bending down to put on my shoes...well, I didn't. I had to have my kids help me. I never would allow my picture to be taken, I was so ashamed.

I was pre-diabetic, my joints were failing me. I finally got to the place where enough was enough...I surrendered this to my God. Literally, I just threw myself at His Feet - letting go and asking for Him to take complete control: And that He did! For me, He used a book written by 2 sisters...who are 'sold-out' to Jesus. They worked diligently for over 5 years researching and putting the book: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA together.

I had heard some good reports about it, and started researching. Immediately, I felt the 'pull' to purchase the book and the rest is history.

I was into a size 18...the biggest this 5 foot tall girl has ever been in. I usually stayed in a 14 for about 15 years. My size should be about a 5. Yet, here I was and well... goodness gracious!

We took it slowly at first, this lasted two weeks. Then, I filled up a couple large black trash bags full of pastas, flours, tortilla chips and anything that was sugar laden. I donated it to others (although inside I felt bad doing that to them).

Temptation left the building!

We went to 'town-and-back' on all the recipes in the book. I slowly acclimated to the stevia in my coffee as my taste buds changed. The entire family has changed!

Once a month we have a 'blow-it' and it is ice cream or a donut. Yet, anymore; we are not liking how we feel when we eat gluten or sugar. We are truly SATISFIED with meals with fruits, veggies, good protein, also using coconut & almond and so on. 

For example; tonight I made zucchini brownies, made with coconut flour, almond flour and stevia etc... It was amazing! Plus, knowing these components are GOOD FOR ME; I feel we are finally getting the philosophy of ;'Eat to live, not live to eat.'

I will try to post more about my weight loss journey; yet if you have any questions, I sure would be happy to help out. Now, I still have a very long way to go. I am in my 50's, and fight the lovely hormone battle (which has greatly improved), + deal with serious problems with my joints. Still, it is coming off and I am very grateful.

Here are our stat's:
*Brad (52 yr. old): 235 lbs   to  180 lbs Size 38 waist to 32
*Daneille (51 yr. old): 40lbs lost.  Size 18 to Size 10
*Felecia (17 yr. old): Size 10 to Size 4
*Tabitha (13 yr. old) Size 7 to Size 0,1

NOW:                                              BEFORE:


  1. So proud of you all for eating the way God intended. Thankful that God is moving in your lives and I get to see it!


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