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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Our “Millennial Generation”

Our “Millennial Generation”
by Daneille Gray Snowden

The “Millennial Generation” (under 30 yrs of age) is in
 need of  zealous prayers by you- Prayer Warriors!  We
all can agree in our own lives (and even families) that on
 a continual basis we are seeing the belief system of young
 people not deteriorating  but actually deteriorated! I know
 this sounds quite hopeless...but we never stop as parents
 who BELIEVE IN GOD;  having hope that God will rise
 up this generation! He is pretty good about raising the

This generation of young adults has been lost in the society

 of religion, for many years now. We cannot go back, but we
 can start now by allowing the Holy Spirit to open our own
 spiritual eyes to this truth. Just because our children have
 attended church with us their entire lives, does NOT mean 
they have an intimate relationship with Jesus. The HOME
 is the foundation of their lives. What is allowed, what is
 lived out, what is done and not done will be the core of any
 child's belief system. Being diligent as a parent filled with 
the Love and Grace that comes from spending our own time 
alone with God is what will strengthen the spiritual chords
 of your child's foundations. 

Read what renown writer and speaker on youth

  [ Josh Mcdowell ] shares;  "While parents need to fear
 what their children could be tempted to do, they need to
 be more concerned with what their children are led to
 believe Their attitudes and actions spring from their 
value system, and their value system is based on what
 they believe."

In my talks with many parents,

 I constantly here them express
 with great frustrations, about
 their youth's attitudes.  Recall 
what you just read; "...attitudes
 spring from their value system."
 Isn't this where we need to begin 
as parents, by going back to what 
our own children value? Some may 
laugh and say, "It's just a phase, I 
did this too when I was there age."
  Don't disregard your children's
 attitudes, ask God to reveal to you
 what your child's value system is. I guarantee you, He indeed
 will reveal some heavy stuff to you that will not be easy to
 address. With  husband and wives together, addressing this
 carefully with your child. Have you allowed ungodly music in
 your home and in your child's spirit? [Question the lyrics,
 the music videos, the life style of the vocalists...etc.] What
 about television and movies? The reason this is difficult
 because this also glides right into our own Value Systems
 as well. But, we must ask- how much do we love our Lord 
Jesus, as well as how much do we love our children? Sacrifice
 to protect our children is worth it...wouldn't you agree? Please
 parents, be careful who your teens decide to spend a great deal 
of their time with. What is the value and belief system of these
 individuals? We all know that this stage in a persons life is
 the most formidable. Of course we do not want our children
 isolated, but Godly wisdom is vital.  Lastly here, we also need
 to help our children discover a Biblical Value System as well.
 Starting with much prayer.  Pray and meditate, the Lord
 will direct your steps.

 We also need to pray for the foundations to be sure

 according to the Word of God. "Most teens in evangelical
 churches today say they believe in the God of the Bible,
 63 percent also believe Muslims, Buddhists, Christians,
 Jews, and all other people pray to the same god, even
 though they use different names for their god.  Though 87
 percent of teens believe Jesus was a real person who came
 to earth, and 78 percent believe He was born to a virgin,
 nearly half (46 percent) believe He committed sins and
 more than half (51 percent) say He died, but did not rise
 from the dead."  [ Josh McDowell ]  Raising our children
 faithfully in church is vital. But, making sure they
 'know-that-they-know' what you as a Christian believe in
 is far more important. Truth is, they can know (in their minds)
 but still not have a relationship with Christ. KNOWING is a 
faith act--realizing that there is a God; who did send His
 Son to die for our sins and this same Son rose from the
 dead, so all mankind (when they accept Him to live within
 their hearts) may be saved. It is a response on what they
 know, see, and feel within their own specific life. As a parent,
 encourage them as as much as possible to pray with you,
gently ask them about their devotion and prayer life on their
 own, is (as parents) a God given responsibility. I am
 sorry to say, but this has slid through the hearts and 
hands of most Christian parents. 

 Today's youth as we observe, have created their own

 religion (belief systems). Yesterday, I spent the day with
 my daughters at the city pool. I found my self observing
 the young people, hearing their conversations, seeing 
their dress & tattoos on their body and knowing some of
 them personally. My heart just broke. You see, when
 we are filled with God's Spirit; He bestows on us the vision
 to see people's hearts. It's not hard to see the emptiness,
 pain, anger, confusion; to see searching hearts. So, what
 are they to do but to tailor their own Faith/Belief system.
 Where they can feel some type of affirmant  in who they
 are and then they have the release to do and say what they 
please. I like what Josh McDowell said; "They are led to 
believe it is better to construct a tailor-made faith that is
 right for them by choosing from various concepts of God
 and religion. They are being encouraged to piece their faith
 together themselves; that way it will be right for them 
personally, and will offend no one."  [ Josh McDowell ]

This is where the danger lies, our kids are living out life
 styles that are destroying their bodies, relationships,
 finances, mental health, and their souls! It is astounding
 to see kids we all love start living out opposite what we
 as parents believe in God's Word. Kids having babies,
 literally believing in Zombies and making it their own 
groupie religion, addicted to video games (playing them
 all day long), alcohol is at a rise in this generation, free
 thinkers and 80% of this age group will be "disengaged" in
 their Christian faith and church before they are 30.
 [Barna Group] They also will disengage more so from
 their godly family (parents) and bind to those who are
 'like-minded'. All viewing their parents, and the church from
 their childhood as a nice but fruitless entity.  Newsweek
 reporter John Leland discovered, “Even more than their
 baby-boomer parents,'youth' often pick and choose what
 works for them. … As they sample from various faiths, 
students have become more accepting of each other’s 
beliefs, even when those beliefs are stringent." 
Initially they believe truth is not true for them until
 they choose to believe it!

What is our HOPE in all of this? The answer is WHO
 ARE HOPE IS IN! Glory to God, Jesus still reigns! His
 Power, His Grace, His love and His Promises still flow
 continuously.  He has given us the opportunity to seek
 His Face. He is not shaken, nor is He surprised ... but
 He does really care! He wants us as mothers to hear
 His Voice, be pliable in His Hands so He in turn can
 use us to affect our children and pierce the darkness
 that has invaded their lives. Fast and pray, pray through
 till the peace of God has filled your hearts with that
 affirming knowledge that 'All is Well'! 

Pray for God to send you, and others to our children and
 all young people to live out and speak out the Love of
 Jesus. Pray that there are easy accessible opportunities
 for young people to attend rally's,  concerts, revivals
 that are geared for their age group but speak the untainted
 true Word of God. Today is the day of salvation. Hold true
 my sister...God will penetrate the heart of your son 
and daughter. Stand still and see the true salvation of God!

Deuteronomy 19:15 "by the mouth of two or three
 witnesses every word may be established."

Psalms 112:1,2  "Blessed is the man that fears 
the Lord, that delights greatly in His
 commandments. His seed shall be mightily
 upon the earth the generation of the upright 
shall be blessed." 

Is 54:13,14   "All your children shall be taught by
 the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your 
children. In righteousness you shall be established;
 you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear,
and from terror, for it shall not come near you."