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When I was 7 years old I was born again! Five years later, the Lord filled me with His Holy Spirit and called me out to serve in full time service in the ministry. My heart is missions and a longing to love people into God's Kingdom.
I love to teach God's Word, pray with people and write. 
Soon, we are hoping our Jesus opens amazing doors to walk into mission endeavors.

Friday, February 27, 2015



  I have always loved children since I was little. Because the smile they give me always makes me melt inside. When I see children in Africa, China or even here in America it doesn’t matter, I examine little ones who are hungry for Jesus! And they don’t care what they look like they just are wanting more and more of Him (even if they don't know it). I plan on teaching to children about His love one day! I teach two little boys about God each Sunday. They always brighten my day no matter how hard times may be . In a way, the boys are kind of a 'therapy' for Me, (for some people) it may be like a ball of love! How can you not answer a toy phone when they say, "It’s for you?" How can you not open up your arms when they run towards you? How can you not teach them about God, because to me they are the ones who need it most! I cannot imagine me never loving kids! Because, to me they aren’t just another kid; it’s another smile I get to give. Even babies get a smile of course, how can you not smile at such a little face?     
   My dream is to have an orphanage to help children who need someone to love and to be loved no matter their troubles. When I see a child, and look into their eye's; I see just a bundle of love and innocent hearts: Waiting to be loved! I notice it every week, where do you see it? I can’t help it that I have this unconditional love (that comes from the Father up above) for children no matter the size, shape, weight or color: I love them. 1 John 4:16  "So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him."

 When you look into a child’s eyes what do you see? I see love. Children need to be loved because they can’t go without it, it's like medicine for them. Next time you see a child smile.

Why do I love children: because they are always there to be loved.